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Deportations to Iran

"We say NO Deportations to Iran!

We mean Human Rights in Canada!"

NDTI is a collective of individuals who are putting their efforts together to protest Human Rights abuses in Canada.

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March 12, 2012


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Pantea Jafari
Sepehr's Lawyer

Interview with CTV
February 08



گفت و گو با پانته آ جعفری- وکیل سپهر حاجی پور

اخراج سپهر حاجی پور برای روز جمعه 8 فوریه به تاخیر افتاد
تلاش گروه نه به اخراج ها برای جلوگیری از اخراج سپهر 
No to Deportations to Iran
Saeed Soltanpour interview with
Pantea Jafari
attorney for Sepehr Hajipour

Thu. February 7 -2013




Sepehr Hajipour is a young Iranian activist who, like thousands of other Iranians, was involved in the Iranian presidential election protests in 2009 (known as the Green Movement). As a refugee, he applied for Canadian asylum in 2009 and was denied. Currently he has requested an appeal for the decision and his application is in the midst of processing. Unfortunately however, the Canadian Immigration offices are demanding he be deported on December 11th, 2012, which seems to contradict the fairness of the appeal process since a new decision has not yet been made. It is also important to note that  the translator did poorly  at his deportation trial which raises concerning questions about the Canadian system and it's processes in granting refugees asylum.

We request the minister that there be a stop in his deportation, until the results from his appeal application have come through and an actual decision regarding his status has been determined.

thank you for your consideration the humanitarian cause

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