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No Deportations to Iran

Our ultimate goal is to create public awareness and lobby the government to change the immigration laws based fully on human rights and not on political and financial interests of the country. When the media talk about the lack of human rights in Iran, serial tortures and executions in prisons, at the time developed countries apply heavy political and economical sanctions against Iran, our government continues to deport people whose lives could be in danger in Iran.


No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

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October 2022






My name is Rahil, the partner of Mohammadreza ,an Iranian who converted to Christianity. Mohammadreza fled Iran in 2018 and found refuge in Canada, a country he loves and calls home.

 It was too good to be true, the four years that he worked hard standing on his feet without being a burden on anyone. He has his own business and pays taxes on time. We cannot believe that his refugee claim was rejected without clear justification.
 The sky went upside down when Mohammad was arrested on Tuesday, September 28, 2022, and detained in Immigration detention. They told him that he would be deported to Iran in the coming days.

 I know Mohammadreza enough to be sure that he would rather stay in Canada in a detention centre instead of returning to Iran. 
 Returning to Iran is not different from suicide, especially after Mahsa Amini's murder and the repressions and chaos dominating the entire country.
 With a heart full of pain and eyes drawn in tears, I am writing hoping to be heard. I beg everyone to help Mohammadreza and our family by signing this petition.
 We are asking the Canadian officials to give us a little more time to solve the problems of Muhammad's refugee claim by going through legal procedures and sponsorship.


Letter to Officials - October 3, 2022


خورشید کوچولو ماندنی شد!


facebook - October 28 at 2:24pm

Mahdi, his wife Galyna, and their 4 yr old child, Khorschid need our help.
They are going to 6900 Airport Rd. (CBSA). Everyone on this page know what does this mean. Please sign his petition. Ask your family and friends do the same. Share the petition


November 03, 2016
با تشکر از ایران استار و شهرما

Article in Iranian Weekly Newspapers
خورشید کوچولو نیاز به کمک ما دارد

اگر فکر میکنیم که کانادا مدینه فاضله میباشد سخت در خطا هستیم. تا آنجائیکه به ظواهر امر توجه میشود و عملن درگیر با مشکلات نشده ایم شاید اینطور بنماید. ولی آنهائیکه به دلایل مختلف در شرایطی قرار میگیرند که کارشان به سازمان های دولتی کشیده میشود میدانند که از چه صحبت میشود. مهم نیست اگر این سازمان، شهرداری، سیستم قضائی، و یا نهاد هائی باشند که وظیفه شان خدمت رسانی است. هدف مقایسه دو کشور، بخصوص مقایسه کانادا با ایران نیست، که در این حالت خاص تفاوت از زمین تا آسمان است. بلکه بیشتر قصد اشاره به فطرت انسانی است که زیر بنای ضوابط و روابط در جوامع میباشد.



After 382 Days Masoud is FREE
بعد از 382 روز مسعود آزاد شد

July 14, 2015


June 25, 2016
تلاش برای رهائی پدر و همسر
Fight to release father and husband


June 18, 2015 - Voices from Inside Detention: Masoud Hajivand

National Post - June 18, 2015
They treat us like garbage': Canada’s rising immigrant detentions operate in a legal black hole, report says

Ontario family shares struggle of immigration detention with Guelph audience

Please take a few minutes and write a few words. Send them to the government officials and let them know that we care about Masoud. Let's Pam and Melika also know that we didn't forget them.

Here the e-mails of government officials.


CC your letters to info@hambastegi.ca to allow us to put them on www.savemasoud.com website.

Read Medi's letter here



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