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Jason Kenney - Dec. 2012

Vic Toews - Dec. 2012

General (1)

General (2)
Jason Kenney - July 2012
Sahaja Arrests
To ICC - July 2012
To MPs & MPPs
Jan. 2012 (1)
Jan. 2012 (2)
Jan. 2012 (3)
Kermanshahi - Mar 2012
March 2012
Seyed Jamal & Mohammad
March 2012 (1)
Kermanchahi - March 12
Shahin - March 2012
Medi - March 2012
March 2012
August 2012
Persian Students Aug. 12
Sara - September 2012
Nine Cases
Sepehr - February 2012


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  • It is recommended to write as many letters as possible.
    It is recommended to write letters to:
    - Stephen Harper, PM
    - Rob Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs
    - Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
    - Steven Blaney , Minister of Citizenship and Public Safety

  • You may use existing letters as template or write your own

  • You may write to your federal and provincial MP and MPPs

  • You may write letters to Media

  • Ask your family and friends to do the same. More letters we send show more support.

  • You may e-mail, fax or send your letters by Canada Post or call them on the phone.

  • E-mail, fax or send a copy of your letter to us at info@ndti.ca.

  • For samples of letters please check the link bar on the right side of the this page.

  • For the contact information of those to whom to right please use the link on top of this page.




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