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To choose where to live is a natural right!
To support someone whose
life is in danger is a law!

No Deportations to Iran

Our ultimate goal is to create public awareness and lobby the government to change the immigration laws based fully on human rights and not on political and financial interests of the country. When the media talk about the lack of human rights in Iran, serial tortures and executions in prisons, at the time developed countries apply heavy political and economical sanctions against Iran, our government continues to deport people whose lives could be in danger in Iran.


No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

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Truth - Reconciliation - Engagement
Short Version
Iran Turkey Canada
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Truth - Reconciliation - Engagement (Full Version)

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How to Stop a Deportation

Dundas Square -October 10

Canada, Stop Deportations to Iran

Stop Bahman's Deportation

Stop Bahman's Deportation (2)

Kavoos - Demonstration in front of Immigration Office at 6900 Airport Rd. (1)

"Stop Kavoos Deportation" Demonstration on January 28th  Dundas Square - Toronto
CBC News: Family Fights Deportation
TV Ten  News (2)
Ali Khoshnood  (persian) (link has been removed)
TV Ten  news (1)
Kavoos Deportation (persian)
TV TEN  News(3)            Medi Shams  (persian) 
TV Ten News (4)
Ata Shomali  (persian)
TV Ten News (5)
Kiomars Soofi (persian)

Campaign Team Video Production

Kavoos Voice (1)
Kiomars talking about Kavoos Case
Kavoos Voice (2)
Medi saying bye to Kavous
Kavoos Voice (3)
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Meeting with Ahmad Shahid
Kavoos S. - January 2012 - PR
Reza J. - March 2012 - PR
Mohammad H.- March 2012 - U
Jamal H.- March 2012 - VD
Jalaleddin M. - March 2012 - VD
Mustafa S. - August 2012 - PR
Sara D. - September 2012 - PR
Hesam D. - September 2012 - PR
Mehdi M. - November 2012
Sepehr - February 2013
Payam A. - March 2013
Roya - March 2013
Moloud H. - March 2013
Majid N. - March 2013
Mahboubeh - March 2013
Farzad K. - March 2013 PR
Bita K. - March 2013 PR
Nasser M. - VD
Arash R. - May 2013
Hossein J. G. - Current
Mahdi J. G.- Current
Milad M. B. - June 2013 - VD
Ali H.
Mohammad S. July 2013 (Gambia)
Amir K.
Hossein J. G.
Moein M.
M. N. -
Ehsan G.
Aslan Z. - June 2014 - PR
Azam Z. - June 2014 - PR
Masoud H. July 2014 - Current
Behrouz R. September 2014
Saeid R. September 2014 Current

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