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To choose where to live is a natural right!
To support someone whose
life is in danger is a law!

No Deportations to Iran

Our ultimate goal is to create public awareness and lobby the government to change the immigration laws based fully on human rights and not on political and financial interests of the country. When the media talk about the lack of human rights in Iran, serial tortures and executions in prisons, at the time developed countries apply heavy political and economical sanctions against Iran, our government continues to deport people whose lives could be in danger in Iran.

No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

No Deportations to Iran is a collective of individuals who work together for the same non profit goal.

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ICC Letter to Government

Letter to Minister Alexander in support of Iranian refugees, December 02, 2014

Date: December 2, 2014
The Honourable Chris Alexander
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

365 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Re: Iranian Refugees Status

Dear Minister Alexander,

On behalf of the Iranian Canadian Congress, I write to request a moratorium on all refugee deportations to Iran.

We applaud the recent steps taken by the Government of Canada to pursue a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly which condemns the Iranian government's troubling human rights record.  The UNGA resolutions, pursued by Conservative and Liberal governments in the past decade,  have an important impact in revealing the history of murder, imprisonment, torture in Iran, as well as the Iranian government's entrenched policies of de jure and de facto discrimination against large segments of the Iranian population.

In light of this history, well-known to your Government and to the international community, it is incumbent upon Canada to protect those who seek asylum in Canada.  Returning asylum seekers to Iran endangers their lives and violates the principle of non refoulement in international law.   

We would be happy to work with you to further explore this issue and implement the requested moratorium.

Reza Banai
Iranian Canadian Congress


















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